Sometimes I scare myself. They say you dream about what’s in your heart (or rather, that mass of gray matter in your head people like to call the “heart”), but last night was a clear counterexample of that adage. In my dream, I was explaining to a student how changes in ion affinity due to mutations in one amino acid of a protein doesn’t necessarily mean that particular amino acid is directly involved, either mechanically or electrostatically, with the binding site for the ion due to the possibility of allosteric interactions involving that amino acid and the binding site effecting the observed change in affinity.

Understand that I left the field of biomedical engineering three years ago as if it were Sodom and Gomorrah being rained upon by fire and brimstone, and I haven’t looked back. I probably haven’t even uttered the words, “allosteric interactions,” in over three years. That’s why it’s mystifying, and somewhat scary, that I’d have such a vivid dream about it– a dream where I even remember drawing a diagram illustrating allosteric interactions in a protein.