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Archive for: March, 2005

Organizing Classical Music on a Computer

I’m in the process of backing up my entire CD collection as well as organizing all the media on my server at home. I use simple directory structures and a homebrew database driven catalog program to manage my collections. For example, I have a directory called “Broadway” where I keep all my Broadway related media, with each album in its own folder, such as:

Broadway/(Les Miserables) London Cast/03. One Day More.flac

Pretty simple and straightforward. However, unnerving complications arise when I get to my classical albums, which more often than not feature works from multiple composers and sometimes performances from multiple artists. How does one go about arranging these in a simple directory structure? I am NOT going to create path names like:

Classical/(Saint-Saens, Tchaikovsky, Faure, Bruch) [Han-na Chang, Rostropovich, LSO] – Cello Concerto No.1, Variations on a Rocco Theme, Elegie op.24, Kol Nidrei op.47/10. Cello Concerto No.1 [I. Allegro non troppo].flac

Talk about ridiculous!

At one point in time I tried sorting solely based on composer, requiring me to dissect apart most of my CD albums. This provided a nice, consistent naming scheme, along the lines of

Classical/Sibelius/(Midori) – Violin Concerto Op.47 [I. Allegro].flac

and the like. However, as time went on, having tracks that used to be in the same CD location now in different folder locations became too confusing. Plus it was messy dealing with identical pieces performed by the same artist in different venues. So I eventually scrapped that idea.

There is the option of ditching the dependence on directory names altogether and relying solely on my database application to arrange, sort, and find albums and tracks, but that creates a layer of abstraction that basically leaves me totally dependent on the application, an idea with which I am not comfortable.

So, here I am trying to figure out a decent way to organize my classical music files, but with very little progress. Anyone out there who has faced this problem before care to share their solutions?

Two Strings Walk into a Bar…

The first string says,
“Hello, I’d like a rum and cokerhe7954454gh2kjn.,.43>>[][]21?24″
The second string says,
“You’ll have to excuse my friend, he’s not null-terminated.”