Now I can finally play Japanese Wii games like Bleach. Although there are several different modchips out there, such as DC2Key, CycloWiz, Wiinja, and Yowii, I chose to go with the WiiKey because was (and still is, at the time of this post) selling it for a really cheap price compared to other chips I’ve been seeing elsewhere.

Wii Bleach Game
The longest part of the install process was waiting for my tri-wing screwdriver to arrive in the mail. Why does Nintendo insist on using tri-wing screws in their devices? Anyway, once my $4 screwdriver ($5 shipping) arrived from Florida, I was able to finally take apart my Wii and isolate the DVD drive, which is where the WiiKey needs to be installed.

Wii DVD Drive
I used a 15 Watt soldering iron with rosin-core solder and 30 AWG kynar wires. I’m too cheap to buy flux, so the soldering itself took longer than expected. I haven’t soldered in quite a while, and modchip jobs make the soldering from Princeton’s ELE 302 look like toy LEGO projects (no disrespect to LEGOs; they’re awesome). I found it useful to cover up the area around the soldering points with electric tape. At least this was easier than the soldering for my PS2 modchip– that one was just insane.

My Desk
After I finished soldering, testing connectivity with a multimeter, and putting the Wii back together, I popped in my Jap Bleach game and… nothing. It couldn’t read the disc. My first thought was, “Crap!” Then I popped in a normal US game, and it played, so I thought, “Whew! But still…” So, I moseyed on over to the Internets and asked my friend Google what was up, and found out that by default the WiiKey doesn’t have region unlocking enabled (I assume because of the danger of bricking a Wii with automatic foreign firmware updates). I then downloaded the WiiKey configuration ISO from mininova, burned it, used it to enable region unlocking, popped my Jap Bleach game into my Wii again, saw it play, and shouted, “Yatta!”