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Global Starcraft II Team League Finals

I’ve watched all four GSL seasons since it started back in 2010, and never have I seen a series as exciting as last night’s team finals!

Global Starcraft II Team League February

If you are a Starcraft II fan, you owe it to yourself to watch this amazing series! Feel free to skip the introductions if you don’t care about that stuff (I find it entertaining). If you have limited time, you can also skip the first few matches, although you’ll miss out on some hilarious trash talk as well as the intense buildup towards the final games.

GSTL February Finals – Game 1
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On Randomness

Random Number Generator
Oh xkcd, you crack me up.

Happy 2011

<?= 'Happy ' . date('Y'); ?>

<%= 'Happy ' . %>

from datetime import datetime
print 'Happy ' + str(

import java.util.Calendar;
System.out.print('Happy ' + Calendar.getInstance().get(Calendar.YEAR));

Review Fail

I was reading reviews of a vocabulary building iPhone app when I came across this gem:

“I love this app. It’s panoply of vocabulary words is very complete. It is very easy to use and worth the money.”

Wonderful. Now someone just needs to teach that erudite logophile the difference between it’s and its.

“Going Home” by Shiro Sagisu on Piano (from Bleach OST)

I recorded this during this past winter while I was at my parents’ house. I know I’m really out of practice, but whatever. I remember falling in love with this song when I first heard it while watching Bleach years ago. The only sheet music I could find was for guitar, so that’s what I used. Re-Launch

I was going to call this post “ v2″ or something, but this site has been through so many revisions since its inception I’ve lost track of which version number I’m on.  Regardless of title choice, the message is pretty simple.  I’ve revamped this site and now I invite you to take a look around.

There were a few more changes I wanted to make, but work has been really busy and I don’t know when I’ll have time to get around to making all the changes I have in mind.  So rather than keep a website that was mostly complete from going live indefinitely, I decided to just make it public as it is and deal with the additional fixes as I get the time.

I migrated a few of my old blog posts to this new site, but I didn’t copy over any of the comments.  I may one day, but for now, please feel free to leave comments or questions.   Photos have also been migrated over, and you can comment on those as well.  I still need to get around to allowing people to create accounts (not that many people have in the past, but it saves having to type in your name and email every time you comment).    The main navigation menu is on the top, and if you are curious why I broke down the site into these sections, you can take a look here.

You Know You’re a Geek When…

I just looked at my digital clock a minute ago, saw 4:04, and thought, “Oh no! My clock is broken!”

Domain Renewal Scam

Few things upset me more than greedy companies taking advantage of consumer ignorance. I own about 30 domain names, and therefore I get a lot of domain name spam– both emails and letters in the mail. Some of the letters in the mail attempt to pass themselves off as bills from the company that owns your domain. The wording makes it appear as if your domain is registered through them and will expire unless you pay them a fee (usually something like $30 for a 1 year renewal, which makes it even more ridiculous because the typical rate is around $10 per year). They make the letter look as official as possible, and while it does say in the (very) fine print that it isn’t really an invoice, a lot of gullible consumers aren’t going notice that, especially because they send these letters out a month or so before your domain is actually about to expire. (Publicly accessible whois records allow anyone to obtain the owner name and address, expiration date, and registrar of any public domain name.)

Now, when I receive these types of letters, I just rip them apart and toss them in the trash. However, I can imagine non-tech savvy people falling for this. My mom, for example, recently received one such letter but thankfully was smart enough to call me about it. I don’t remember exactly which company it was from, but if you google “domain renewal scam” you’ll come across a bunch of reported cases involving companies such as Domain Registry of America and Liberty Names of America.